Emphase has been serving the embedded market with Industrial and Military grade flash solutions since 2007. A US-based company, our clients enjoy an innovative and robust product line focused on high reliability and performance with superior support. With Emphase you can feel safe putting your name on a system, knowing that it won’t cost your brand or service department.


Emphase embedded flash solutions are engineered for reliability and built from the ground up using quality materials and methods.


Better Product Line.

  • Over 150+ configurations optimized for industrial and embedded applications
  • High-grade components featuring SLC NAND flash chips
  • Custom firmware development geared for long-term drive stability
  • Standalone SMART software to monitor drive health
  • Military-grade components adhering to a variety of Military Standards (MIL-STD)
  • Portfolio of JEDEC standard products

Better Performance.

  • Reliable drive specifications reflecting broken-in drive performance
  • High random and sequential access speeds
  • High reliability for extreme and mission critical applications
  • Very low power consumption helps keep Total Cost of Ownership down
  • Reliability in extreme conditions including:
    • Wide temperature ranges
    • Broad humidity ranges
    • High shock and vibration tolerances
    • High altitudes
  • All products RoHS, CE, FCC certified

Better Support.

  • Native English customer service and support
  • Fast and reliable 2-4 week lead times
  • Core focus on the embedded computing market
  • Product materials designed with the engineer in mind
  • Consistent BOM (Bill of Materials) and product assurance
  • Genuine 5-year warranty with class-leading support